CAUTION: Cancellations of PAL Flights

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This week CAAP (the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines) is going through an audit by the FAA (the US Federal Aviation Administration).

Since Monday, January  23 until eventually these days a team headed by Jacques Astre with Beverly Sharkey, lawyer Craig Michael, functions Andre Lamarre, airworthiness and Julianna Kim, Point out Section Global Transportation Officer, as observer, is examining CAAP.

Almost five several years in the past the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), downgraded Philippine aviation from Classification 1 to Category 2 due to several basic safety challenges that are not in accordance with the Global Civil Aviation Corporation (ICAO). This motion had been followed by a ban imposed by the European Union on all Philippine airways.

The result of this complex audit is envisioned in about a month’s time, after which, the FAA audit will agenda when to issue a closing classification score for the CAAP. 

[Editor’s comment:] We hope that CAAP has figured out its classes and supervise now the airlines in the Philippines with the necessary obligation and seriousness. Not only the financial state of the airways depend on it, but also our lives.

We hope by no means all over again have to publish these cartoons:

CAAP procedures

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