Treasures Camiguin - The Pacific Seaglass Project grows again

Treasures Camiguin – The Pacific Seaglass Job grows again

Treasures Camiguin is the new exhibition/shop of the Komunidad sa Baibai.

The exhibition/shop is located on the circumferential road in barangay Bug-Ong almost struggling with the community basketball court. It is impossible to miss out on this residence. Mr Cocoy Bajuyo, Technical Head of Komunidad sa Baibai and Mr. Elden Chamberlain, Chair of Balai sa Baibai and Komunidad sa Baibai once again experienced made evidence of their great taste, their know how as business owners and their professionalism in advertising and marketing.

Treasures Camiguin

If you want to know more about the Komunidad sa Baibai, be sure to abide by these links:

The Inauguration

Yesterday evening at 5 p.m. we experienced been invited to sign up for the blessing and inauguration of the latest member of the Komunidad sa Baibai loved ones. A lot of recognized and less recognized faces confirmed up. On a small island like Camiguin this sort of events have practically the intimacy of a loved ones conference.

Treasures Camiguin The blessing and opening experienced been honored by the existence of Camiguin’s Governor Maria Luisa D. Romualdo. Her partner, Mambajao Mayor JJ Romualdo, joined the festivities a little bit afterwards. See also “New Ferry Route Camiguin“.

Let us get in

In a number of weeks the aged constructing experienced been refurbished and reworked into a decent exhibition and store position. Make sure you discover underneath some impressions.

Treasures Camiguin Treasures Camiguin
The interior is incredibly convincing. The dominating colour is white. This tends to make the exhibition home so vivid even in the evening. Attention-grabbing area home furniture invitations for a relaxation. On the partitions in the background a single finds fascinating information and facts about the Komunidad sa Baibai and seaglass. The “jewels” are inside the glass shows.
Camiguin Treasures Camiguin Treasures
 The desk. This is possibly the area wherever you will trade Pacific Seaglass towards some information of your purse. Do so! It is for a excellent project. Camiguin Governor Maria Luisa D. Romualdo gets a Pacific Seaglass Mirror from the two founders Elden Chamberlain and Cocoy Bajuyo.

Treasures Camiguin

Mrs. Shirley Cutab shot an excellent image of Treasures Camiguin symbol . It is the excellent illustration of the professionalism of Elden and Cocoy. You won’t forget this emblem. Anywhere in the globe you will figure out and affiliate it with the Pacific Seaglass by Treasures Camiguin.

Treasures Camiguin I do not like pirating pics. I thus endorse to check out this report on facebook. Mrs. Shirley Cutab did publish it accessible for anyone.

See you before long in Bug-Ong, Agoho or Yumbing – see you in Camiguin. – tomorrow it’s possible ?

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