UFN - how I hate it!

UFN – how I dislike it!

UFN – Right up until More See is an expression you study in all schedules and bulletins in Philippines’ transportation. UFN appropriately translated implies:

YOU Are not able to Depend ON US !

If you go through the schedules of Cebu Pacific Air, then you come across this silly UFN on each individual other line or even each individual line.

CEB Schedule - UFN!


This UFN clause enables airways and maritime companies to terminate visits at any time! This is economically extremely appealing for the airways and transport businesses. A vacation with no enough reservations or bookings? No difficulty, they simply just cancel the excursion. For travellers it is a horror-excursion!

And then the N for Notice

If just one is lucky, they send a textual content message when an presently booked trip is cancelled. But this is alternatively the exception. And most of the messages are despatched far too late.
If you are not so lucky, you find a recognize on the ticket stall in the port that there is no trip. Or even even worse, the ticket counter is shut and no one is aware practically nothing.

Oceanjet yet again


We have good friends who want to occur to Camiguin. For the reason that of this UFN Monster, they experienced to alter their excursion program by now 3 periods. If you stay in the Philippines, you may be a lot more flexible than a visitor traveling in from abroad. When we are traveling, we normally make plans A, B and C. With these 3 options have a 90% likelihood to get there in time at our location. The past 10% are certainly not manageable – minimal preesure regions, floods, typhoons and other pure brings about can rarely be prepared in progress. Occasionally we have to take “Rien ne va plus!” 

The Philippine government invests thousands and thousands in tourism strategies. But travellers are so frightened of lacking connecting flights or being stranded on a minor island that they prefer a additional dependable spot for their tough earned holiday.  The government could halt this random behavior: The associated regulation businesses could insert a revocation clause in their transportation permits.

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