Valentina & Valentiono - 2 hours before leaving us

Valentina & Valentino Farewell – have a harmless trip

Valentina & Valentino have flown away. The final advancement of our two youthful Zebra Doves went on extremely rapidly. Examine the two photos down below:

Valentina & Valentiono - 4 days before leaving us
4 times just before traveling away.
Valentina & Valentiono - 2 hours before leaving us
About 3 several hours just before acquire-off

The two skinny birds of the very first image did just about double their excess weight inside of 4 days. The guardian birds did fly in 5 to 7 occasions a day to feed the youngsters. But most of the time the youthful birds were on your own. They left the nest and climbed about on the palm-tree leaf.
We saw them spreading their wings and grooming their feathers.

On D-Working day one of the parents did feed them a previous food right before having off. The initial one particular left with the dad or mum chook. The 2nd a person remaining about a moment later on.
About two hours later Valentina came back again to the nest the place she stayed for a couple minutes.

We have been astonished to see them take-off with out any schooling and instruction. The pilot’s awareness ought to be programmed in their genes.

How we could distinguish Valentina & Valentino

It’s been only in the final times that the little ones created their gender-specific feather colours. The female has an practically totally white breast and belly. The male has the common black & white stripes on the entrance. On the photograph previously mentioned Valentino sits on the appropriate aspect.

What’s up upcoming?

Valentina & Valentino - the empty nest
The empty nest

The leaf with the empty nest will drop inside of the following two or a few weeks. But there is an additional nest. It is also in the vicinity of to the property, but it is increased up and we are not able to examine what is likely on inside.

The sunbirds are again

Valentina & Valentino  - the sunbirds are back

Many partners of sunbirds are now busily setting up their complex nests like in the previous decades. Two nests are being developed just apart our walkway. If we can do it without having disturbing the birds, we’ll acquire new photographs.

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