Visa and Money - be prepared

Visa and Revenue – be ready

Visa and Funds should be cared of in advance of the year’s stop. Throughout almost 10 days almost nothing formal will get the job done in the Philippines – and elsewhere.

Xmas 2014 opening days


Even though you can get cash from ATMs, if they are serviced, you could not lengthen your visa during these days. Assume of extending your visa still this week, if the expiry day is prior to Monday January 5, 2015. Be sure to make positive that your visa is Alright. An overstay can come to be incredibly costly and bothersome.

If you want to depart the Philippines with an expired visa, you’ll need to have a lot of time and money at the airport. The overstay fantastic is PHP 500 for every month overstay. But you will have to extend your visa at this very same instant. Be sure to go through below about the costs for extensions.

Most foreigners enter the Philippines devoid of any Visa and they will get a stamp, named a visa-waver, in their passports which is very good for 30 times. If an individual desires to extent their stay, you would have to go the nearest Immigration Office environment and get your to start with extension, fantastic for an additional 29 days. The value for this 1st extension is 3010,- Peso. Now you are previously 59 days in the Philippines and your common extension sequence starts off by displaying up at the Immigration Office every single 2 month, just probably a couple of times just before your stamp expires.

If you have to go to the Immigration Business, make confident to put on lengthy trousers, a good shirt and footwear. In any other case you could possibly not be serviced, some Immigration offices (Cebu) may not even allow you in.

Banking companies appear to be to be open on Monday December 29, 2014.

We also repeat that Manila airport NAIA-3 and NAIA-4 will be shut from January 15 to 19.

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