Washi - Surviving in Cagayan de Oro

Water is worse than wind

We are sorry. All around 09:00 PM (21h00) very last night time, we have been slash off the Net. First electric power went off and then everything. The wind acquired more powerful but fortunately there experienced been no rain. It is been a dark evening. This early morning the sunlight came back. Electrical power cam again about 30 minutes ago. So, in this article we go on …

More than in Cagayan de Oro and in Iligan they bought the full electricity of the storm. It experienced not been the wind, but the big masses of drinking water that killed over 100 people and there are continue to some 250 missing. Picture, only a tropical storm and so numerous persons missing.  

Condition at 17:00 

Temperature: 28.1°C
Humidity: 85%
Strain: 1001 hPa
Wind: 10-15 km/h from north-east
Rain: Incredibly gentle rain
Sky: Distinct sky to the north, cloudy and grey to the south
Sea: 1.2 to 1.5 m waves

Photograph of this second:

Washi - Surviving in Cagayan de Oro

Surviving in Cagayan de Oro this morning

Washi - Water is worse than storm

Drinking water! Quite a few barangays had been flooded. If you have a moment, give it to this persons who misplaced much more than their goods.

An update for Palawan follows at 06:00 PM (18:00)

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