Weather got better - Fishermen are out in the Sea

Weather conditions received far better – Fishermen are out in the Sea

Weather conditions got a lot improved nowadays. Only a quick rain in the morning and then dry. The waves are reasonable and there is only one particular cloud layer still left. The fantastic weather conditions for fishing.

Fishing in Camiguin
Our neighbor fisherman with a makeshift petroleum lantern. He explained to me that tonight he has only gasoline for 6 hours – then he will arrive back and rest.

Fishing in Camiguin

Fitting of the lanterns on the picket boat. The lampshades have both mirrors inside or they are made of polished steel to focus the gentle downwards.

Fishing in Camiguin
A final force and the party is all set. Sky and sea tactic with the identical shades of gray.

Fishing in Camiguin

The boats are out in the sea. Tonight once again we’ll see a string of pearls on the horizon. In some nights about 50 boats are off our shore and their lamps are aligned. 

This is what can make the Philippines and specifically Camiguin so great. We reside with the folks in this article, we share our life, we master from them and they duplicate from us. Tomorrow morning I’ll go to the beach front and invest in tomorrow’s lunch and maybe also meal refreshing from the sea.

What do you have to have extra to be pleased? Especially just after this extended rain.


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