Weekly Photo Montage 1.27.15

Weekly Photo Montage 1.27.15

Hiyas, all, and welcome to our very first weekly photo montage.  I have been striving to acquire more images of my time in the Philippines, so this offers us a fantastic likelihood to maximize the range of pictures that we take and also an chance to give some history on each individual picture.  I am truly having a awesome point and shoot from the States in late February (thanks again, Sir Lorenzo!), so hopefull the top quality of the pictures will make improvements to about time.  There’s only so a great deal you can do with the cameras on a MyPhone…..


1st Time with Kids

This picture was taken immediately after we initial satisfied the community little ones.  I experienced been mowing the lawn with our vintage manual press mower when I observed a amount of diminutive faces peering in between the bars on our front gate.  We babbled back again and forth a little bit (rather unsuccessfully, taking into consideration our constrained aggregate awareness of Bisaya and English), with me goofing a little bit and the little ones laughing uproariously at the silly Kano (they are actually easy to entertain).  Sara sooner or later came out and we allow the little ones into the lawn in which they all bought jointly for a team shot less than the mango tree.  At this issue, they were however rather shy, and the image doesn’t give a lot sign of just how nuts and energetic kids this age naturally are.

I also like this photograph as it exhibits the 1st time we essentially grew to become element of the neighborhood.  A month later, we had the Christmas party where we were being able to have the kids and their mom and dad (or guardians, in some conditions) around for spaghetti, warm pet dogs, macaroni salad, and tons of singing, dancing and parlor game titles. 


 Picking up Nano and Euie Bunao 2014

Buying up Euie and Nano

Here’s a person of me choosing up Euie and Nano, two of the neighborhood children that often occur by the household.  They are so smaller that my hand can wrap about equally their ankles at once.  They are also quite light, and if I at any time can not make it to the gym, I can generally use them to do sets of aspect lateral shoulder raises.



Yueue Thank you letter 

Euie’s Letters

From time to time life takes you wholly by surprise……

The kids experienced been coming by virtually just about every working day for a although at this place.  Sara had started out her little immediately after faculty system by this issue, and we ended up both of those spending time with them – Sara with the scholastic things and me with the “Hey, let’s understand Frisbee skills” piece.  A person day – a few weeks later on – day (from “inday” – feminine who is young than you) Euie (Yoo-ee) handed Sara and I little dwelling manufactured envelopes.  We opened them up only to obtain these handwritten letters within – just one to ate Chell (ate – more mature sister) and 1 for kuya (more mature brother) Ned (or –  in this situation – “kuya Nid”). 

Ah, gratitude….

Yep – drop a handful of decidely non-manly tears around this one….



Photobomb Selfie

Filipinas (and Filipinos) seriously like getting selfies.  I imply, genuinely, seriously, really like using selfies.  Most – if not all – possess the adhere thingy that attaches to telephones (and cameras) so they can get an even superior shot of themselves (and the qualifications). I identified Sara training selfies on my cell phone just one working day, so I resolved to be a part of in with my normal amount of gravitas and maturity.  Double duck-confront photobomb!!



RUSI Chopper
Filipinos appreciate customizing their scooters and motorcycles.  Such mods operate the variety of loud DBS mufflers that make them sound like 1200 CC Ducatis to custom-made LED lights that bathes the entire bicycle in an unearthly glow. Currently being on constrained incomes, a scooter commonly signifies their one most valuable content possession, so a good quantity of perform goes into these tailor made “underbones”.  We were at RUSI a although again receiving Sara’s scooter fixed up, and I saw this bike onto which an individual had added some prolonged forks, a customized seat and other assorted modifications. 

On a facet observe, RUSI is identified to have one of the ideal motorbike and scooter restore facilities in the town of Dumaguete – if not all of Negros Oriental.  We have only had to use them a number of times, and on equally occasions the work has been speedy, on-position and incredibly cheap. A whole lot of individuals badmouth “China bikes,” but we have experienced absolutely nothing but great ordeals with them.  I also definitely like Sara’s automated, Yamaha Mio clone, and it is substantially simpler managing errands all around town on it then in obtaining to manhandle my “big” Yamaha YBR125 performing the exact.



Sit Like a King

You see these signals all around the Philippines.  The humorous element about this 1 is that it provides this explanation, and then when you convert around, you simply cannot assistance but detect that the rest room really has no seat.  This is very widespread in this article, as bathroom seats are an high priced outlay to the typical Filipino, and since tons of people stand on them to… just take treatment of business… they are continuously breaking.  A single other thing – normally make guaranteed you can some bathroom paper with you – you will hardly ever come across a Filipino community entry Comfort Room with a all set inventory at hand.

This also suits into the “Live Like a King in the Philippines for $500 a Month” web-sites that I am constantly poking fun at, so it is a acquire-get all all over.