#WestValleyFault Earthquake

Within just a number of times the hashtag #WestValleyFault distribute all over the Philippines. It turned so viral that in different community forums people have been inquiring about the Magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit Metro Manila last Sunday.

There experienced been no Earthquake in Manila!

What has transpired? PHIVOLCS, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology is continuously assessing and analyzing likely risks from  earthquakes and volcano eruptions.  One sort of outcome of this function are Hazard Maps. Last week Dr. Renato U. Solidum introduced the latest Hazard Map, the Valley Fault Program (VFS) Atlas, a handbook of huge scale maps showing in detail regions traversed by the Valley Fault Technique, was at last unveiled on May well 18, 2015 at the institute’s auditorium, Quezon City.

I experienced the satisfaction to go to to this kind of an information meeting with Dr. Renato U. Solidum. The PHIVOLCS presentation had been provided throughout the “The Swiss Embassy’s Wardens” conference.

#WestValleyFaultHis Excellency Ivo Sieber (left) and Dr. Renato U. Solidum (ideal).

There are many Hazard Maps available on the PHIVOLCS web page. You may perhaps also locate the Hazard Maps for the now lively volcanoes on our Energetic Volcano Web page.

The West Valley Fault

Faults occur when two tectonic plates shift relative to every single other. Listed here is a diagram of unique fault kinds:


Lots of faults and fault devices are not visible simply because they lay deep down in the earth-crust. Other fault strains are at the surface area and can be seen both right on the floor, or if they are really large, from an aircraft.

The Valley Fault Techniques (VFS) have now been carefully analyzed. The end result of this do the job is “The Valley Fault System in Higher Metro Manila Place Atlas”.
The VFS is an lively fault procedure in the Higher Metro Manila Area (GMMA) with two fault traces: the 10 km long East Valley Fault in Rizal and the 100 km lengthy West Valley Fault runs by way of diverse cities and cities of Bulacan, Rizal, Metro Manila, Cavite and Laguna. The West Valley Fault can crank out a large earthquake which poses menace to people’s life, structures and infrastructures, and livelihood.



This Atlas permits household homeowners, great deal house owners, engineers and design organizations to locate the fault line pretty precisely on large scale maps.


Director Renato U. Solidum said that the place of lively faults is a important foundation for people’s preparedness for earthquakes, suitable land use, contingency arranging for disaster response, and structure of homes, properties and infrastructures. Long term enhancement needs to contemplate these faults so persons will not be at risk.

“The Valley Fault System Atlas is the Critical to people’s awareness and preparedness for earthquakes, proper land use, contingency organizing for disaster response, and structure of residences, properties and infrastructures, is the location of lively faults. The Valley Fault Procedure Atlas was conceptualized as a handy reference for all people to provide as a guide in creating certain that spots traversed by energetic faults are avoided as sites of properties and structures and considered in many mitigation and response actions to enhance the basic safety and resilience of communities to powerful earthquake events.”

“Nobody can precisely predict precisely when or in which an earthquake will come about- the ideal we can do is to be educated wherever the challenges and vulnerabilities likely are and put together and prepare ahead for these. VFS Atlas is a crucial software to aid progress scheduling and programming. If development is not threat knowledgeable, it is not sustainable.”

Panic is the worst Advisory

A cartoon revealed on getrealphilippines.com illustrates perfectly how quite a few men and women act.

PHIVOLCS has revealed a useful very little booklet with recommendations what to do just before, in the course of and following an earthquake:

PHIVOLCS Earthquake Booklet

PHIVOLCS Earthquake Booklet

PHIVOLCS Earthquake Booklet

Once again: There experienced been no Earthquake in Manila! But there is a growing hazard that a Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake may come about in the Valley Fault Systems. When it will come about – no person can predict!

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