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Who is Rubyann Kagaoan?

Have you at any time browse the identify ‘Rubyann Kagaoan’? Under this title a particular person posts sharply observing “opinions” in the “Journal on-line“.

Here is the photograph top each individual “opinion”:
Rubyann Kagaoan

The producing is generally so sharp that we concern that ‘Rubyann Kagaoan’ may vanish just one day “without prior notice”.

Some of the “opinions” are amusing like this one:

 “Yes, Ma’am-Sir!”
I imagine in the Philippines we formally have 3 genders: Ma’am, Sir, and Ma’am-Sir.
Do you ever detect how salesladies in the malls and food items courts typically greet you with “Yes, Ma’am-Sir!” even even though you are just alone, or you are with somebody and you are both woman or each male? And why do they always say “Yes”? Did we request them a Certainly-No dilemma?
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Other folks are attacking as this just one is:

“Modern-day Noli Me Tangere”
There was a most cancers in the time of our national hero Jose Rizal that he elaborately depicted as a result of his novel Noli Me Tangere, metastasized in just about every fiber of Philippine culture back then, getting its roots in the extended oppression of the Filipinos by our Spanish colonizers.
Now, we see cancer in the Philippines again, and our people today and atmosphere have shriveled terribly from this cancer, which is on its terminal stage.
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And other “opinions” are great observations of the folks: 

 “A violent sport that will come with a whole lot of prayers”
I watched the PACQUIAO-MARQUEZ struggle, live and from starting to close, of all spots, in a church fellowship. I preferred to see how religious people react to a boxing match.
They were cheering at each blow Manny Pacquiao inflicted on his Mexican opponent Juan Manuel Marquez, nonetheless it was crystal clear to everyone that Marquez was giving the improved fight. All people in the church therefore expected that the victory would go to Marquez.
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We have also bookmarked the “Journal online”. 

Good luck Rubyann Kagaoan 

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