Inside the LW301

Within the LW301

Yesterday I wrote about my hunt with the Wireshark to uncover the techniques of the Oregon Scientific LW301 climate station. I acquired by some means caught by  the behavior of this tiny bugger. Chatting UDP and TCP like a computer system but no authentic server inside of. It created me curious.

When I took my Philipps screwdriver to open the blackbox, my bodyguard identified as “Butch” in her relatives, explained NO. Do not destroy your small weather station. But now as a child, if anyone said DON’T, I promptly obtained challenged and I translated this Really don’t into an critical DO! Currently I can tell you, this actions didn’t make my lifetime quick, but it produced it really fascinating.

Heaps of phrases. Let’s do it:

Inside the OS-LW301

The screws of this sort of bins are typically concealed possibly underneath the label or beneath the rubber pads. The Oregon Scientific LW301’s screws are beneath the rubbers. Only loosen 4 screws and box falls open. It is a actual light-weight with considerably less than 100 grams.

If you are just a bit in components, you see in the major row from left to correct: the energy offer socket, an RJ45 network socket, the rest swap and 2 USB sockets. Which is what you also can see from exterior.

The heart of the machine is the black square with the blue and orange streaks. It is a Microchip PIC18F97J60 micro-controller. This black square does the full position. All the other components are there to enable. For illustration the other large black rectangle, the H1601CG is a integrated transformer for the community communication. Dumb and passive it adapts impedance and voltage.

Let us focus on the Microchip PIC18F97J60 micro-controller. There is a whole lot of facts readily available on the manufacturer’s site. There are huge software package libraries and instruments offered.

I experienced not but the time to study all the things. As we say listed here in the Philippines – tomorrow possibly.  ?

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