ZestAir Glitch

ZestAir upkeep ???

Past evening we got an inquiry from a pretty terrified ZestAir consumer:

I booked on-line 4 flights with ZestAir. I could down load the e-ticket, but it displays “CONFIRM” in the position. Do I have to ensure?

We did not know. Generally the standing states possibly Confirmed or Alright, but Ensure ???
So we went to the ZestAir web-site to see if we can question the reservation status.

But , the pull-down menu had a hole and could not be employed with the Opera browser (Edition 11.52).
So we experimented with World wide web Explorer (Variation 9.08). Right here the pull-down-menu did conceal behind the ads.
Then we tried Chrome (Version 15..8) again the pull-down menu had a gap and could not be employed.
Apple’s  Safari (Model 5.1) had the exact challenge.
And last but not least with FireFox (Model 8..1) the menu did work, but all the ad was folded out down the monitor.

ZestAir Glitch
Below you see the menu with the chosen merchandise (hand). The arrow reveals the pull-down items. You hardly ever can access them. When you shift the mouse more than, then the menu disappears.

Two queries:

  1. Is there a danger that ZestAir maintains their aircrafts with the similar carefulness as they preserve their website?
    If certainly, then we strongly endorse to publish down your very last will ahead of flying.
  2. What does mean a reservation position “Affirm“? Did the programmer overlook the “ED” for a finish “Verified“?
    Or do they not know if the aircraft will fly and may perhaps affirm a single day? Or what?
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