Airlines in the Philippines


Air fares in the Philippines are relatively cheap. If you book early, you may avail of promo fares. The fares for hops between the islands are from 99 to 4000 Pesos depending on the season, on the airline and the route.

But be warned: the fares displayed are only a part of the price you pay. There are multiple taxes and fees. We recommend to multiply the displayed price by two. And there are always the terminal fees for departing travelers. See also our Taxes and Fees page.

Many domestic flights are operated only between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. during day light. There are exceptions when the destination airport has IFR navigation equipment. See also our Domestic flights page.

An air operator’s certificate (AOC) is the approval granted from a national aviation authority (NAA) to an aircraft operator to allow it to use aircraft for commercial purposes. This requires the operator to have personnel, assets and a system in place to ensure the safety of its employees and the general public. The certificate lists the aircraft types and registrations to be used, for what purpose and in what area.

The requirements for obtaining an AOC vary from country to country, but are generally defined as:

  • Sufficient personnel with the required experience for the type of operations requested,
  • Airworthy aircraft, suitable for the type of operations requested,
  • Acceptable systems for the training of crew and the operation of the aircraft (Operations Manual)
  • A quality system to ensure that all applicable regulations are followed,
  • The appointment of key accountable staff, who are responsible for specific safety critical functions such as training, maintenance and operations,
  • Carriers Liability Insurance (for Airlines) – Operators are to have sufficient insurance to cover the injury or death of any passenger carried.
  • Proof that the operator has sufficient finances to fund the operation
  • The operator has sufficient ground infrastructure, or arrangements for the supply of sufficient infrastructure, to support its operations into the ports requested.
  • The certificate is held by a legal person who resides in the country or region of application


CAAP AOC of Air Asia