Jeepney collage


London has the red double-decker bus, New York the yellow taxi, and the Philippines has the Jeepney.

I have by no means heard of “jeepney” just before, but after I travelled to the Philippines, I had to add this word to my travel vocabulary list. In today’s post, I want to introduce this particularly intriguing car to you and I hope you will have a possibility to have a ride a single day.

Ideal way to practical experience the Jeepney ride, of course, is to go to the Philippines! Here’s a handy Philippines Travel Itinerary for you.

What is Jeepney?

Jeepney is the Philippines’ most well-liked imply of public transport, extremely cheap and pretty comfy, utilised by most of the locals. It is also recognized as Jeeps and in Filipino you would get in touch with it Dyipne or Dyip.

Due to the fact of its open rear door design and style, choosing up and dropping off is uncomplicated for each passengers and drivers, despite the fact that there’s really a lot of shuffling inside.

Every vehicle represents the multi-cultural history of the Philippines.

As a single of 1st makers of Jeepneys, Ed Sarao says: “There is bit of Spanish, Mexican traits there how they incorporate vivid colors, fiesta-like feelings. There is a small of the Americans mainly because it evolved from the Jeep. There is a small Japan mainly because of the Japanese engine. But it was constructed by Filipino hands.”  

The bulk of Jeepneys are constructed from second-hand Japanese trucks, initially intended for cargo. It is devoid of passenger comforts. Based on length, it can load from 18 to 30 passengers, the drivers are typically waiting for a complete load just before going their way, but that may possibly differ based on the route (drivers know very best what’s the most lucrative way for them).

Colorful jeepney in Banaue

What is so unique about Jeepneys?

They all qualify as “art-on-wheels”! Likely no two jeepneys are alike. The jeepney art is impressive and it is a mixture of artwork applied by airbrush and sticker artists.

Jeepney in Banaue

Lots of jeepneys concentrate the art on the front, insanely cramming the hood region with accessories, the sides with empty galvanized expanses or scatterings of advertisements and compact art. Some are gleamingly and colorfully wrapped with accessories and airbrushed or stickered art. The major art theme are religious symbols.

Jeepney driver in Manila

Exactly where can you discover Jeepneys?

The answer is EVERYWHERE in the Philippines! During the day they go on fixed routes, choosing up passengers from designated stops. There are roughly 50,000 Jeepneys roaring about Manila on any offered day so there is no way you will not spot at least 1 when strolling down the streets.

How Significantly is the Jeepney Ride?

Receiving about may possibly price as small as eight pesos which is $.20. Nevertheless, various routes / distances/ cities may possibly have various costs. For an typical Filipino, jeepneys are the least expensive way to get from a single location to yet another, without having walking.

Taking a jeepney at evening in Manila

For spending budget travelers, jeepneys are a single of the very best and most comfy transport choices. Drivers usually speak English (like most of the Filipinos) so you can quickly get to your location for a handful of cents.

Cez attempting to get off a jeepney

What it is Like to Ride in a Jeepney?

Pros of Jeepney:

  • Selecting up and dropping off is uncomplicated for each passengers and drivers, they can quit anyplace as opposed to buses. You can catch a single from almost any location you are at.
  • It is a superior chance to speak to some locals and get to know individuals.
  • Significantly less probably you will get ripped off (the costs are usually fixed) as opposed to some buses and most taxis.
  • There is a lot of space inside to sit down and unfold your legs (unless it is totally packed).
  • Spending budget-friendly imply of transport in the Philippines.
Jeepney in Banaue

Cons of Jeepney:

  • There is no air-conditioning.
  • Not a great deal will shield you from the components (picture a ride in the rain).
  • It is not pretty secure (no seat belts and drivers drive like crazy).
  • Most of the jeepneys are overloaded with passengers so you could possibly finish up squeezed feeling like becoming in a can of sardines (shoulder-unto-armpit, back-unto-chest, shoulder-unto-shoulder, elbow-unto-hipbone).
Fancy jeepney

Our practical experience with Jeepneys

We took our 1st jeepney suitable immediately after we arrived at Manila airport. We caught it just outdoors the airport to get to the bus station from exactly where we have been going to Pagudpud. It was uncomplicated to get in and low-cost, fairly shaky ride, but secure and we enjoyed it. The driver didn’t speak a great deal, but he knew the location we have been heading to so he dropped us off just in front of the bus station. We paid eight pesos every. There have been only five other passengers with us. It was enjoyable! Afterwards, we had at least a single ride in just about every city we’ve been to.

Jeepney in Banaue
Jeepney in Laoag

Have you ever had a jeepney ride? If so, how was it?