NAIA flooded - no flights for now in/out Manila (MNL-RPLL)

NAIA flooded – no flights for now in/out Manila (MNL-RPLL)

All foreign and domestic flights were put on hold on Tuesday evening, August 20, at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) since most roads going to the premier airport were rendered impassable by floods.The move is in consideration of passengers who might miss their scheduled flights at the country’s main airport.

Jose Honrado, manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), said they are waiting for final announcements of airline companies on which flights will be cancelled for the rest of the day.

“All flights are on hold because the roads leading to the airport terminals are non-passable,” he said in a mix of Filipino and English. He clarified that international airlines can take off anytime because of their planes’ “all-weather” capability, but passengers are standed on the streets.

“Iyong MIA (Manila International Airport) road is deep under water, ganun din yung Terminal 4 so inaantay natin sa mga airline if they want to declare cancelled iyong flights nila today or put them on hold,” he said during a radio interview.

He said the ramps at the NAIA Terminal 4, where Tiger Airways (formerly Seair) operates, are also flooded, preventing some of its planes from taking off.

Honrado said the domestic ramps are too deep in flood waters to be in operations and might endanger the lives of workers and employees.

Honrado said that stranded passengers could be rebooked since they were caught in a force majeur situation.

“As far as the regulation or passenger bill of rights, dahil may force majeure naman, all they have to do is rebook the passengers,” he said.

“We cannot call the airline liable because this is not the airline’s fault. All they have to do is rebook the persons for later schedules then most importantly give ample time as to the status of the flights.”

Our new Flight Monitoring Tool shows that there are still flights coming in and going out:

The tool is here (still in beta test):

Philippine Airlines (PAL) and PAL Express

PR 8488/8489 MNL-Incheon-MNL
PR 318/319 MNL-Hong Kong-MNL
PR 730/731 MNL-Bangkok-MNL
PR 300/301 MNL-Hong Kong-MNL
PR 813/814 MNL-Davao-MNL
PR 853/854 MNL-Cebu-MNL
PR 503/504 MNL-Singapore-MNL
PR 849/850 MNL-Cebu-MNL
PR 336/337 MNL-Pudong-MNL
PR 507/508 MNL-Singapore-MNL
PR 855/856 MNL-Cebu-MNL
PR 358/359 MNL-Beijing-MNL
PR 517/518 MNL-Kuala Lumpur-MNL
2p 773/774 MNL-Tagbilaran-MNL
2p 967/968 MNL-Butuan-MNL
2p 587/588 MNL-Dipolog-MNL
2p 039/040 MNL-Caticlan-MNL
2p 051 052 MNL-Caticlan-MNL
2p 527/528 MNL-Cagyan de Oro-MNL
2p 014/015 MNL-Tuguegarao-MNL
2p 065/066 MNL-Surigao-MNL
Cebu Pacific

5J-907 MNL-Caticlan
5J-563 MNL-Cebu
5J787/788 Manila-Butuan-Manila
5J385/386 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila
5J857/858 Manila-Zamboanga-Manila
5J339/340 Manila-Kalibo-Manila
5J791/792 Manila-Butuan-Manila
5J965/968 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J506/507 Manila-Tuguegarao-Manila
5J373/374 Manila-Roxas-Manila
5J975/966 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J327/328 Manila-Legazpi-Manila
5J659/660 Manila-Tacloban-Manila
5J995/996 Manila-General Santos-Manila
5J901/902 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
5J899/900 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
5J523/524 Manila-Naga-Manila

DG-7002 MNL-Cebu
DG-7003 Cebu-MNL
DG-7082 MNL Bacolod
DG-7083 Bacolod-MNL
DG-7072 MNL-Iloilo
DG-7073 Iloilo-MNL
DG-7044 MNL-Tacloban
DG-7045 Tacloban-MNL
DG-7062 MNL-Puerto Princesa
DG-7063 Puerto Princesa-MNL
DG-7004 MNL-Cebu
DG-7005 Cebu-MNL
Tiger Air also announced in an advisory that all its Manila outbound flights were cancelled “until further notice.”

Charges waived

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific waived rebooking fees for passengers who failed to take their flights due to bad weather today.

The airlines announced in advisories that passengers can rebook free of charge within 30 days from original flight dates.

Tiger Air said it would issue refunds to passengers affected by flight cancellations.